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There are a number of different services that we provide our clients, and because of the quality of our service, we proudly maintain a high retention rate among those we have provided our service too. During the rainy season in Texas, there are many hail damaged roofs that need attention, as when it rains here, it pours. Hail damaged roofs are prone to structural problems, leaks, and missing or broken shingles. Armor Shield Roofing, like our name implies, provides the protection your home needs to be weather resistant and comfortable in whatever type of weather you find knocking on your door. Just like a suit of armor we will protect you from the elements, hail damage, garbage in your attic cluttering the vents, and anything else that might occur that could cause roof repairs to be necessary in your home, are all things that we will be happy to help you with.

Armor Shield Roofing is more than just a service company however. We are a company that strives to create relationships with our customers and develop the best possible relationships with you, through exceptional service and quality of repairs done for your homes. Roof repairs, attic replacements, gutter fixes, and all other home related repairs are essential to creating a happy life and a safe place for you and yours. When you discover hail damage on your roof, cracked and missing shingles, staining and mold on your deck, or other things that can make your home more uncomfortable, then you should not delay and in touch with us, so we can schedule a time to come out and inspect your home to determine what we will need to do in order to make it perfect for you again.

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