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attic ventilation accessories

Unlike certain areas that don’t have many basements, attics or crawlspaces, Texas is replete with a variety of houses that have a combination of all of them. Attic insulation is one of the biggest parts of our business with numerous homes each year needing insulation replaced, because of leaks, mold, dust build-up, and other causes that may completely shock you. Sometimes, animals sneak into your home, and even if they are just there for a couple hours can do a seriously large amount of damage to the health of your attic insulation, tearing it up, burrowing in it, defecating in it, and creating a detrimental atmosphere for the insulation to do it job effectively. One of the primary reasons you need attic insulation, if you haven’t already considered it, is that heat rises, and if your attic is insulated, then the heat stays in the house during the winter months and is able to keep cool during the colder months, because the material is designed to let cooler air circulate.

For those people who have full sized attics, and use them for storage, spare rooms and extra area in their homes, then we offer a variety of supplemental services for that too. We can install attic ventilation fans in the ceiling of your attic to make it more comfortable for you and you guests when you are up there. Attic ventilation fans help keep the environment from getting stale and musty, which in turn makes the attic unlivable and detrimental for storage purposes. Ensuring that your attic insulation is in good condition means that you can keep it a storage room for old children’s things, holiday decoration, guest rooms, or whatever it is you are going to be using your attic for.

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